Province. The kitchen is full of sheets of wood, covered with polyurethane varnish. Wooden interior walls. On the floor parquet board.

Villa in Provence. Parts made black gloss worktop - composite headset stainless steel

Paris. The kitchen is modern in style. Made of high quality wooden plate and covered with a matte, black lacquer; cap and insert are made of stainless steel

Villa in the South. In the style of wood and covered with clear varnish

Villa in Corsica. Made from sheets of high quality wood, covered with ultra - glossy varnish. The plinth is made of polished stainless steel

Moscow. Kitchen elements made of high quality wood, upper part - of the composite. Covered with glossy lacquer kitchen

Paris. 16 th District. Kitchen black-white colors in a minimalist style, the effect of gloss

Nice. Worktop and the upper elements are formed in the composite. Black and white pieces are covered with a glossy varnish

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